1998 – I joined the Royal Air Force as an engineer, I have served in various places around the world but sadly sustained a serious injury to my ankle whilst serving in the UK, I then went through years of rehab and multiple surgeries.


2013 – Due to medical complications I made the difficult choice of having my right lower leg amputated in September.


2014 – I competed in the first Invictus Games in London, I was chosen to compete in the intermediate group in Archery despite only training for 4 months, I proudly made the quarter finals, this led to me becoming part of the GB Paralympic Archery Academy with goals of competing at the Paralympics, however I never seemed truly happy within the sport.


2016 – I discovered strength training when trying improve my fitness, this raised my mood, helping me with my mental health difficulties like anxiety and depression. The training eventually took my focus away from archery and lead me into Strongman.


2017 – I entered my first friendly disabled comp at a gym in Milton Keynes placing 2nd, then The Britain’s Strongest Disabled Man 2017 again placing 2nd, I had the honour of competing at the World’s Strongest Disabled Man 2017 and then the Arnolds Classic 2018 placing 4th.

I have also competed against able bodied strongmen placing 10th In Bolton Strongest man 2017 and 6th in Champion Strengths Strongest Man 2018.


2018 – But my journey took yet another turn, due to injury, I had to revaluate for my health, both physically and mentally. I now focus my training on fitness, cardio, better nutrition and CrossFit training.

Now here I am on a new exciting path, fitter, leaner and healthier, with new dreams and new goals, doing things I never thought could be done by an amputee, pushing my body harder and further than I could ever imagine, achieving new things week after week.

It’s unknown, it’s exciting, I don’t know what the future will bring in CrossFit but I can’t wait to see what I can achieve.

LC Bland